A Happy  2017 New Year to You

As a new year unfolds on the horizon, and having taken a much needed break last year from my busy work schedule through an unexpected injure of a broken arm and some family commitments. I missed attending the 2016 yearly Conference of Sound Healing, an annual event with the College of Sound Healing. Enabling all present, to gain access to and receive tuition with some of the country’s leading authorities in the art of sound healing and it’s many diverse techniques. From international gong masters, to experts in the art of healing with the medicine drum of ancestral practice and leading experts in the ancient practice of vocal therapeutic techniques, sharing their understanding and knowledge, encouraging us to venture forth the sharing of these accredited teachings.  Being one of the collegeTutors since 2012 ,it was a disappointment for me not to support and attend this annual event, providing tutors and all who were present with more sound knowledge and inspiration from experienced guest workshop teachers, many world renown in their feild of expertise.

 I was fortunate to attend back in November 2016 a magical sound weekend with the world renowned Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux who was inspired once more to visit us in West Wales and share his precious work. I myself have the good fortune to own , play and work with one of the 99 Matreiya Peace Gongs that were created and came into to being in 2012 through his inspiration and dedicated work with these wonderful healing gongs. .Gong master Don spent 2016 touring the world sharing his teachings allowing others to experience the healing abilities of these magical sound instruments. To help heal our planet and all sentient beings with gong therapy. 


 You will find a listing of some of my forthcoming workshops offered to the community at large in 2017 on my Events Page and take this opportunity to invite you to any of the events that you are inspired to explore and experience, with the wonders of sound resonance and all it has to offer. Both for well being and spiritual development, a journey of self discover and personal enlightenment. Learn healing techniques and experience the wonders of a sound healing bath. Tools to assist you balance your essence of being.

I look forward to us meeting at some of my 2017 events throughout the coming year.

A new year, A new dawn, A new day.

Harmonious wishes to All,


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Announcing in 2017 and coming of age  of " Light Melodics "

a cutting edge sound healing technique developed and registered in 2005. Please  visit Aromatherapy/Alchemy with healing sound vibrations page for more information -

Read the many varied testimonials given to this three dimensional healing technique. 



Sound Odyssey Cosmic Alignment

Echoes of Sacred Sound Chambers Peace

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The Sound Medicine Lodge -Launch of a new sound healing therapy location.

Following on from the successful launch of The Sound Medicine Lodge,sound studio at one of the Swansea Natural Living Health and Well being Expo in 2014. The programme of events and activities for the two days Show , included Faith giving a talk and demonstration on one of her techniques of Aura -Sonic -Signature which is a Spiritual Development Programme  through the medium of sacred sound. To a well attended gathering who showed  interest in both the information that was given to this technique and also the interative demonstration of the ability of vibrational sound resonance to be both a vehicle for spiritual growth and it's ability to realign the energiy centres of a person.Read more about this unique technique at Faith's website- Read more Here

Personal Profile - Tutor with The College of Sound Healing

Born in Wales into a traditional musical welsh community with a professional background of forty years practicing holistic therapies in Stress management, Aromatherapy, Spiritual healing and Rieki. Having been spiritually and intuitively guided to work with her own voice for self healing, after a near fatal road accident in 1998, proved fundamental to Faith’s overall recovery both physically and emotionally which was instrumental in her further researching and developing a number of sound healing techniques .One being, Light Melodics (R) and has since produced two therapeutic sound healing CD,. Healing Ambient Chants & Sounds for Inner Peace and The Peace Mantra Odyssey. Essence of chants from the heart being her speciality and encouraging others to free their own voice. For many years, Faith has chanted to the land and has continued this practice throughout her sound healing career.

Having also trained with the College of Sound Healing , Faith is a College Practitioner Training Course ( Part One ) Tutor, and also teaches additional modules in Sound Healing with Sounding Bowls and Healing Ambient Chants and Sounds-essence of chants from the Heart.

Faith brings to her workshops the enthusiasm and understanding for light hearted exploration in a friendly atmosphere, helping others explore their deep levels of self to release an untapped source of vibrational energies of sound of their own inner landscapes and soul voice as a transformative and healing art form , and also enjoys helping people with personal development, confidence building, expression of the creative self and enhancing their spiritual awareness.

In small groups and in a supportive environment situated on the edge of the Gower Peninsula and edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park in the Dulais Valley.

Therapeutic Sound Healing Group Sound/Gong Meditation monthly sessions are held regularly in various locations throughout the year.

New Inspirational CD Called The Peace Mantra Odyssey Launched

The Peace Mantra Odyssey CD Launched

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Inspirational CD Called Healing Ambient Chants & Sounds for Inner Peace Launched

New CD Launched

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Article Written For Swansea Eye About Sound Solutions For Combating Seasonal Changes

With the changes of the seasons, from long warm summer days, to the prospects of less day light and cooler breezes upon the wind that autumn brings are for many, challenging times. Both of readjusting to changes atmospherically and to the changes in our daily routines.

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