Reiki is  an ancient healing system, based on  channelling   pure universal energy-reiki- through the hands of the practitioner. It is a natural healing art with origins in Tibet and is over 2000 years old.

This system of healing was rediscovered in Japan in the 19th century by  Dr Mikao Usui, who dedicated his life to the tradition oral teachings, adding spiritual concepts to be intergrated  with the physical aspects of the reiki energy, and passing on the ability to channel reiki through sacred  attunements  given byusui2 Master to student.

Reiki is a Japanese word: rei means universal and ki is the life force (or energy) which flows through all living things. Reiki treats the whole person on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Imbalances and disharmony are caused by blockages in the natural flow of energy in the body. Our daily life experiences contribute to these blockages, as the chakras (our energy centres) also take up direct vibrations from the environment, connecting us with what is going on in our environment in nature and in the universe. The chakras can thus be seen as subtle sensory organs.

Balancing of the chakras helps unblock stress and unresolved experiences. Reiki is the essence of simplicity and is flexible, safe, natural, and a powerful   effective hands- on healing technique. The life force energy induces a deep state of relaxation, supporting the body’s own innate healing process.

Treatments are carried out in a comfortable environment with the client fully clothed throughout the therapy, either in a sitting position or laying on a therapy couch. The treatments are tailored to suit individual needs with a course of sessions sometimes recommended to support the healing process.

This therapy has been shown to benefit, stress, muscle aches and pains, anxiety, headaches, insomnia and many other  ailments.


Treatment lasts approximately one hour.

Cost: £30- payment by cheque or cash at time of treatment.

To book an appointment contact Faith on tel : 01792  290458

Faith’s background with Reiki

As a spiritual healer, it seemed the most natural course of events for me to question developments that were occurring within my healing work, leading me to look more closely into the various applications of channelling spiritual energy for healing. These enquiries were instrumental in my studying  this oriental practice. After a period of three years’ apprenticeship, I received attunements  to Master/Teacher level in August 2000.

During this time I was also drawn to focus on, and follow,  my passion of working with and researching the medium of sound for healing. This is   now  my mainstream therapeutic practice. Thus I maintain my commitment to the discipline of reiki healing as part of my therapy services: rather than being a master facilitating attunements in the initiation of an individual into the practice of reiki, following the traditional way of teaching, I see myself more as someone who, through my own spiritual journey, now provides, through the medium of sacred sound resonance, the support for individuals seeking  and wishing to gain more insight and understanding of spiritual awareness and practice.

I play a small part in facilitating a journey of self- discovery, enabling for maturity of true understanding, bringing clarity and wholeness, enriching the soul,  for  personal enlightenment of the consciousness of divine energy within and around us.

Faith provides Reiki healing sessions and one- to –one tuition in spiritual development. I also offer therapy as a channel for sacred sound.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Faith on tel: 01792 290458 or email


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