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Welcome to the website of Faith Challinor-Wheatley, established Sound Healer and Therapist. Within these pages you will find information on a variety of sound healing therapies and techniques, as well as on Faith’s own work, which incorporates the use of a number of sound instruments, and her voice in diverse forms, as a healing tool.

Some techniques have been practised for thousands of years and handed down by medicine people of many cultures across the globe. Other therapies as with The College of Sound Healing have been developed in more recent years through rigorous research and evaluations, have been proven and are practised, and are now acknowledge and accredited by colleges and associations  and recognised in the UK and worldwide. With my own developed therapeutic sound healing technique being registered in 2005 are a blending of the ancient with the new, embracing 21st. century technology and rekindling established techniques. These are being recognised as the therapies of the future and as a new frontier of sound healing and cutting edge therapies.

Please explore and enjoy this website. If you have any questions, please contact Faith.

2019 EVENTS CALENDAR            



Tenth Annual Earth Day-Sing for the Trees and The Magical Sound Healing of Trees Workshop 2019

Image for Ninth Annual Earth Day-Sing for the Trees and The Magical Sound Healing of Trees Workshop



 Afternoon Workshop 2-pm -5-pm


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A Happy  2019 New Year to You

I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year as we enter into 2019. New beginnings with the powerful energies of the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Eclipse in this first month of January. Heralding the entrance of powerful and vibrant energies with many possibilities and opportunities for all to focus on for this infolding year.

On reflection, I look back through an amazing 2018 and events that have continued to nfluenced my work and choices with sound for healing throughout last year and into 2019. 

My tree of life bridging sounding bowl has the configuration of a tree clearly visible within the heart of this amazingly tonal sounding bowl. Resulting in my being inspired to create and formulate a programme of therapy .This therapeutic sound healing technique is now in continued development with ongoing research through case studies for evaluating sounding bowls effects to help alleviate many health conditions , both physically and emotionally. In fact the NHS to quote Tobias Kaye ,founder and maker of sounding bowls  writes,

 “ Since 1991 the British National Health Service has been the major user.”

Following on from the successful sessions and growth in popularity as a practice for health and well being of the Therapeutic Group Sound/Gong Healing Meditation sessions offered to the general public held at The Sound Medicine Lodge.  I am now happy to announce the new schedule of dates and times for this coming year.  An auspicious time to begin my continued work and passion for introducing people to the wonderful healing abilities of sound resonance for well being. Whether this be through the voice ,which I specialize in and through the amazing sounding bowls, gongs, singing bowls , drums and other musical instruments for healing. I look forward to both offering and sharing sacred sound resonance with you and hope you are inspired to come along to these group sound healing meditation sessions and experience for yourself the benefits  of sound for healing , of Mind ,Body and Spirit ,throughout this coming year of events at The Sound Medicine Lodge

Harmonious wishes in resonance,



 * Light Melodics *

a cutting edge sound healing technique developed and registered in 2005.

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Read the many varied testimonials given to this three dimensional healing technique. 

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 Therapeutic CD entitled "Sound Odyssey Cosmic Alignment" Echoes of Sacred Sound Chambers of Peace


"Joy is born in one who has delight,
the body of one who has joy is
calmed, one whose body is calmed
feels ease, and the mind of one who
is at ease is contemplative."

Buddha Reflections by
William Wray


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