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Tutor with The College of Sound Healing

Born in Wales into a traditional musical welsh community in the Dulais Valley, the influence of singing and practice has been with Faith since her childhood. Her professional background of almost forty years practising holistic therapies in Stress Management, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Healing and Reiki, assisted Faith in being spiritually and intuitively guided to work with her own voice for self healing, after a near fatal road accident in 1998. This proved fundamental to Faith’s overall recovery, both physically and emotionally, and was instrumental in her further researching and developing a number of sound healing techniques . Light Melodics (R) ( Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy ). She has also recorded two therapeutic sound healing CDs,’ Healing Ambient Chants & Sounds for Inner Peace’ and’ The Peace Mantra Odyssey ’. These vocal and musical tracks are unique and proven to work, both as self healing tools and in therapy sessions.

Essence of chants from the heart being Faith’s speciality, and encouraging others to free their own voice for well being. She has held regular sound healing workshops and talks in Wales for the last 9 years promoting the benefits of sound resonance for healing with a number of articles published locally.

Faith’s family background and link with the land, inspired her to study for a National Certificate in Agriculture and Dairying in 1969, which has been instrumental over the years, in her having a deep seated connection with the elements of mother nature. Faith’s practice of the ceremonial art of chanting to the earth has continued and within group held holistic outside events throughout her sound healing career.

Her passion for and personal experience of, the powerful healing effects of the application of pure sound resonance and all that this practice delivers, has forged her commitment in wishing to be a catalyst for others to experience the wonders of the alchemy of their soul voice for harmony and healing.

Having trained with the College of Sound Healing, Faith is a College Practitioner Training Course Tutor, and also teaches workshops in Sound Healing with Sounding Bowls and Healing Ambient Chants.

Faith brings to her workshops, the enthusiasm and understanding for light hearted exploration in a friendly atmosphere. Helping others explore their deep levels of self to release an untapped source of vibrational energies of sound of their own inner landscapes and soul voice as a transformative and healing art form. Faith enjoys helping people with personal development , confidence building, expression of the creative self and enhancing their spiritual awareness.

Benefiting from years of study with medicine elders from the Americas, much of Faith’s work is of Native American Indian origin, and of eastern influence, reminiscent of ancient practice and is reflected in her work with assisting others on their pathway in life. Faith has studied and received teachings in the art of Mongolian Overtone Singing with the accomplished Michael Omiston, composer, teacher, writer of music used on TV and in Hollywood, and with Candida Valentino sound teacher, who both work together and have performed globally. Having attended a workshop in Wales with Gong Grand Master Don Conreaux and Sheila Whittaker and later study with Aidan Mcintyre, was instrumental in Faith now also working with Gongs and Singing Bowls as part of her soundwork.

Faith says,

The harmonics of rhythm of breath, movement, sound, colour and silence, are the bedrock and principles of my work. Having also discovered the amazing abilities of Sounding Bowls and how their subtle tones, seem to touch the deepest places in the heart and soul of an individual. This has influenced my working with a number of types of sounding bowls over twelvel years with continued on going research and the development in 2018 of a Sounding Bowl Therapy Programme . Please visit my Therapy page listings for more  information and for further information of my work with these unique vessels of sacred sound as a form of Spiritual Self Development and Programme.

The Courses/Workshops of small groups of people and sound healing treatment sessions are held at the picturesque located of The Sound Medicine Lodge, with ample parking facilities .On the Gower Peninsula, West Glamorgan, S.Wales . SA2 

The supportive environment of the Sound Medicine Lodge sits within a 1/3 acre terraced garden and woodland with indigenous, Oak, Silver Birch, Mountain Ash and Willow trees in abundance therein and surrounding perimeter. With a dedicated meditation terrace for contemplative reflections, allowing mother nature’s authentic sound resonance to weave her natural vibrations within and around the Sound Medicine Lodge’s ambience and teachings.


Therapeutic Sound Healing treatments and Group Sound/Gong Meditation monthly sessions are held regularly within the Sound Medicine Lodge and in various locations throughout the year.


For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Faith on tel: 01792 290458 or email



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