About my life’s Journey

Having been born in Wales- known to many as the land of song- my work today is a reflection of my background and professional experience.

As a small child I was allowed to sing to my heart’s content, for I was thought to be slow in developing speech, and therefore encouraged to express myself through the medium of free voice.

As a teenager living in the picturesque Dulais Valley, I became a member of a Welsh choir and received voice training, allowing me to experience the wonder and delight of participating in group competitions, most notably in the world famous Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in the 1960’s .

My family’s history of mining and farming influenced my decision to attend agricultural college back in the late 1960’s and to begin my professional career in this field of work. It provided me with the opportunity to observe the rich diversity of mother nature. This experience was to inspire me to train and qualify in holistic therapies, and in 1976 to open and run a successful holistic clinic in Swansea.

The Healing Energy of Sound and Voice for Wellbeing

During this period, I also lectured part-time at the Bryn House adult education centre, teaching personal confidence and presentation. This experience gave me the skills and insight for teaching other group activities in the future.

I then trained in holistic aromatherapy, once more connecting with the land I so love, and was given the chance to spend four and half years working on a volunteer project in the community, and also gaining experience in psychology.

I had always sensed and been aware of being guided along the pathway in life, and this encouraged me to nurture the natural healing abilities present in my work, and was instrumental in my becoming a member of the Healer Practitioner Association International in 1997.

Events in my life then took me on a journey  which tested both my core beliefs and the scheme of things in life. Being involved in a near fatal road traffic accident in 1998, where I sustained injures to my vocal cords, was the catalyst for a major shift in direction for me, both personally and professionally. I had time to be still, and to remember the pleasure of expressing myself in free voice as a child. This inspired me to work with the rhythm and breath my creator had gifted me with, and thus to begin to help heal myself and restore my well- being. Listening and heeding what my body was revealing to me, with patience, trust and time, recovery brought insight.

Since then, I have trained in the oriental spiritual discipline of Reiki to Master/teacher level.

My passion for working with the voice and all it delivered in my own healing inspired me to the research, evaluate and practise with the therapeutic benefits of sound for healing, and to develop Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy( registered in 2005). I continued to explore and evaluate with case studies ( incorporating the use of my voice and musical instruments) compositions delivering results that warranted the acknowledgement of a new therapeutic technique, Aura Sonic Signature of Vibrational Sound Resonance, a therapy now available to clients.

I received teachings in the art of Mongolian Overtone Singing with the accomplished Michael Ormiston,  composer, teacher, writer of music used on TV and in Hollywood, and with Candida Valentino sound teacher, who both  work together and have performed globally, including for His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

My work through the medium of sound now offers, when possible, workshops to share and encourage others to benefit and experience the wonder of our own sonic tool for healing, providing various types of therapy that meet the individual needs of clients ,using voice and musical, natural instruments ,and introducing voice analysis with voice therapy.

Continuing to deepen my experience and knowledge with sacred sound, I further trained with The College of Sound Healing, a CMA registered college, becoming a Member and am also a Member of the Sound Healers Association.

My purpose is to continue to explore the uses of sound, voice and music for well-being, to share and promote awareness of this knowledge and to network with those active in such work, for the betterment of all.

I now live in the Swansea area with my family and work throughout Wales and wherever my work takes me.

For more information or to make an appointment for any of my services. Please contact Faith on:

tel: 01792 290458, or email faithcomplementaryholistics@yahoo.co.uk



Member of  the College of  Sound Healing *A CMA Registered College *

Associate of the musicleader.net

Member of the naturalvoice.net

Member Sound Healers Association

Member Healer Practitioner Association International

Fellow International Council of Holistic Therapists

Member Federation Holistic Therapists

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