Introducing The Healing Code ground breaking healing technique, now available with Sound Healing Therapies at The Sound Medicine Lodge

                  ( THE HEALING CODE )  Founded by Dr.Alexander Loyd PhD

           To Heal the Source of any Health, Success or Relationship Issue

  The  HEALING CODE works by healing destructive cellular memories and the

                                                               Changes are INSTANT !

  It removes destructive cellular memories and wrong beliefs ( that you don't even know that you have )

  And that are blocking you and stopping you from being the best you can be.

  Then what follows is physical and emotional healing !

                                                               What can it HEAL ?

  It seems that the possibilities are endless, healings have occurred with -

  Chronic pain, Victims of violence, Clinical depression, Arthritis, Emotional issues, Phobias, Addictions,

  Alchoholism, Eating disorders, Diabetes, Weight problems and so on..............

                            REMOVES THE SOURCE OF 95% of ALL ILLNESS  and DISEASE.

Clients Comments of The Healing Code therapy


“I went along to Faith with severe Arthritis in one knee to try out a new healing technique which focused on relieving the pain on my knee. I was asked to imagine the pain I suffered when it first happened which had made me feel sick. I then visualised a black cloud disappearing into the distance and felt immediate Relief. I found that the process of this technique helped to release the memory of the pain and the tightness on the knee and the inflammation has gone down, many thanks Faith “

G Lloyd. Swansea


“After receiving a healing session with this new technique, I felt very energised, very positive and able to handle emotional difficult situations more easily. A sense of happiness and well- being .In general,  much improved in all walks of my life and calmer.”



“I have suffered with pain in my lower back and legs for many years and over recent weeks have suffered more pain than I had previously felt for a long time. Walking is my passion and my business so the opportunity to try The Healing Code seemed an opportunity too good to miss. It is a six mile walk from my home to, Faith’s healing Lodge. So when I arrived the pain was quite intense.

Overall, after Faith had performed the session of the technique on me. I felt around 90% better than when I walked in and felt better able to tackle the six mile hike back home.

After a couple of days thinking over the experience I can say that I am much improved physically and emotionally after the treatment than before.”

With this in mind,

 I thoroughly recommend the treatment of The Healing Code

to anyone who is thinking about giving it a go. “

Dai Plasmal, Swansea 



  For further information on this ground breaking defining healing technology dicovered in America in 2001 by

  Dr  Alexander Loyd PhD which is now available as a healing technique and

  To arrange for a healing session, please contact Faith on

  TEL: 01792 290458


  Who is a trained Healing Code worker. The Healing Code sessions are available at The Sound Medicine Lodge 











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