Clients Comments

Some of the comments I’ve received from clients over the years, about the Sound Healing sessions.


I arrived for treatment feeling agitated, physically exhausted, my mind muddled. I cannot analyse why I should now feel more positive- I can only say something within the therapy has enabled me to feel different". Mrs P. Neole. Swansea.

Before I arrived at Faith’s for treatment, I was  feeling tired and lethargic, my sinuses were bunged up. The pain has gone and my sinuses are clear and I have a lot more energy and enthusiasm. Mrs G Lloyd Swansea.

I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and had severe chest pains caused by stress. The treatment has had such an amazing and lasting effect on both my physical and emotional problems. Mrs S. Stickley   Shropshire.

I usually carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. After therapy, I felt calmer in side and my neck and shoulders were better. After a week, I feel much better in spirit and body. Mrs C Evans, Swansea.

The compositions have brought a feeling of being cocooned and energised by the deep sense of unconditional love that surrounded me .A K. Thomas, Loughor.

I have been feeling calmer and happier, more optimistic than before the therapy. C. Francis, Swansea.

It has revealed to my consciousness, various insights that were deeply buried in my subconscious, I feel as though I am really  believing my “self” at last. C. Lloyd, Swansea.

Very relaxing, and I had a different insight into the problem, made me see things in different ways. G.E Waters, Swansea.

I felt a gentleness surround me on a soul level. S Stickley, Shropshire.

I have definitely benefited from the sessions. Mostly an improvement in sleeping patterns allowing for more clear thought and general clarity. Feeling more centred, has allowed me to make positive decisions. F  Wheatley, Swansea.

A  very relaxing treatment, giving me much more energy. L Jenkins Swansea Valley.

I thoroughly enjoyed my sound healing therapy, it has been very valuable to me. I can still recall the feelings of peace and contentment I experienced during the sessions. C.  Francis, Swansea.

I feel much brighter and more focused on the positive. A. Thomas Swansea.

Other comments from participants of my workshops.

The joy and interaction between guests and speaker.  G. I. Guard, Swansea.

The highlights of the workshop was the Sounding. L . Jenkins, Swansea Valley.

I enjoyed everything about today’s course, most relaxing. A. Thomas Swansea

I feel as of I had an internal workout. G. Waters. Swansea


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