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The birth of a New Dawn

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The birth of a new dawn signifying the reality and arrival of a new chapter in the infrastructure of medical science is no more clearly displayed than in the assembling of complementary therapiesin integrated healthcare.

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The Ancient Science of Sound Healing

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Sound is what our ancestors called the” beginning”. It is the Omm of the East and the Word of the West. It is the background vibration of galaxies forming the symphony of creation.

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Sound Solutions for combating seasonal changes

With the changes of the seasons, from long warm summer days, to the prospects of less day light and cooler breezes upon the wind that autumn brings are for many, challenging times. Both of readjusting to changes atmospherically and to the changes in our daily routines.

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A breath of fresh air upon the wind

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Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years, and over the centuries the medicinal properties and applications of increasing numbers of new essential oils have been analysed and recorded by pharmacists. Alchemy gave way to technical chemistry, and with it went the interest in the inter-relatedness of matter and spirit, and the interdependence of medicine and psychology.

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