Background of Faith’s Soundwork

My soundwork is based  upon the discovery of the abilities inherent in my own voice in helping re-balance and restore the well-being of my vocal cords that were damaged in an accident over a decade ago. Drawing on my many years of professional experience in holistic techniques, I began to work with my voice and evaluate the effects. The exhilaration and inner peace I experienced when I began to sing and more so in using my voice to chant, led me to the realisation and trust in what was occurring, to be the actual instinctive mechanism of natural abilities, available to assist in one’s own healing process.

Encouraged by events in my own healing, I was further inspired to research, evaluate and practise with the therapeutic benefits of sound and   to develop a number of vibrational sound healing techniques. These are now offered to clients in my present therapeutic healing work, listed on the therapy pages.  I continue to study and to gain further knowledge of working with sacred sound with the College of Sound Healing.

Chant Traditions

The practice of chanting spans the centuries  and are steeped in ritual and sacred ceremony. Every culture and civilization has recognised the healing powers and the power to solve problems inherent in the chanting human voice- the world’s oldest musical instrument. From ancient times up to present day, in the East and West, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims,  Jews, Catholic Mystics,  indigenous African, Mongolian and American Indians-  all practise their own chant traditions, from chants for praising the gods and goddesses of every religion, to chants invoking healing for numerous ailments and illnesses.

Dr Alfred Tomatis, the famous ear specialist and one of the world’s leading pioneers of research into the effects of sound, concludes that the cerebral cortex can become charged or positively stimulated by certain kinds and frequencies of sound. Therefore the practice of chanting can bring energy into the mind and body. The tones and melodies of chants have a powerful and calming affect, and help the person to connect with their inner self and creator.

Benefiting from years of study with medicine elders from the Americas, much of Faith’s soundwork is of Native American Indian origin, and of eastern influence, reminiscent of ancient practise.

As a spiritual, medium, and sound healer, the chants are forms of healing energies that are intuitively felt and offered to the client with the intention to assist them with their own healing.

Faith also works with a variety of natural musical sound instruments, including Himalayan singing bowls, the sea horn (conch), drums, tuning forks and a sounding bowl, in the therapeutic process of harmonising the resonance within another person in order to assist and restore natural balance and well-being. Faith’s  celtic  harp is her newest instrument.

Faith provides individual sound healings therapy sessions, workshops in various locations, and one- to- one tuition in spiritual development, and is available for talks and demonstrations.

For more information or to book an appointment, please contact Faith on tel: 01792 290458 or email

Light Melodics (R) ( Registered in 2005)

Image for Light Melodics (R) ( Registered  in 2005)

This therapeutic treatment combines healing properties of aromatic oils and the sound healer working intuitively using her voice.  The client is fully clothed, either sitting/ or lying down comfortably  on a couch during therapy.

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Healing Ambient Chants (C)

Chanting is the vocal expression of sound at a certain pitch or pitches, and techniques such as overtone chanting, coupled with meditation, have therapeutic powers by establishing and maintaining the tuneful harmony between human and heavenly existence. Characteristic of many of the traditional chant is a deeply felt spirituality, and the belief in the power of sacred sound to create changes in everyday life.

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Sounding Bowl Therapy Programme

Image for Sounding Bowl Therapy Programme

Sounding bowls are unique in the history of world instruments, partly because their strings run within the resonant space, whereas other instruments have them running above it . A number of types of sounding bowls are in use in therapeutic settings, and used by health professionals and music therapists. The aesthetic qualities, as well as the pure beauty of the sound when played, have lead to deeper levels of emotional engagement, enhancing therapeutic well-being.

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Individual Sound Healing Treatment

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After consultation, the treatment involves the client fully clothed sitting or lying comfortably on a couch. The sound healer then uses voice/ sound instruments with the intent of stimulating the body�s own natural healing process to balance the subtle energy centres (chakras) by releasing blockages and correct imbalances, restoring resonance and improving feelings of well-being, in a peaceful and safe environment.

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Stress Therapy.

Image for Stress Therapy.

This treatment includes the use of a Himalayan singing bowl that produces an enchanting peaceful sound therapy. The pure sonic waves that ring from the bowl heighten the ability of the client to listen and hear the various sounds ( a rich series of tones). The bowl enhances a meditative state, allowing the body and mind to lock into the bowl’s vibrations, enabling the release of energy blockages to help restore inner balance and well- being.

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