Aromatherapy / Alchemy infused with Healing Sounds to assist Well-Being for Mind, Body and Spirit

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Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years, and over the centuries the medicinal properties and applications of increasing numbers of new essential oils have been analysed and recorded by pharmacists. Alchemy gave way to technical chemistry, and with it went the interest in the inter-relatedness of matter and spirit, and the interdependence of medicine and psychology.

Having trained in 1994 as a professional Aromatherapy practitioner specialising in Stress related conditions, with four and half years of in depth research and practice with physiological disorders with the NHS on a voluntary basis .This provided me with the understanding and experience of witnessing the sheer subtle healing effects of these aromatic essences, both on the mental and physical aspects of a person.

I was also privileged to have grown up with a musical background in both singing-choirs and piano. Which proved to be an invaluable asset as time and circumstances unfolded in my life.  After being involved in a near fatal road traffic accident in 1998. I found myself intuitively being drawn to work with and on my own vocal fords which had been damaged through this accident. . As time went by, I focused on both the personal effects of using various essential oils to inhale and the use of vocal vibrational sounds on myself with remarkable healing results. Both witnessed by myself , family , clients and medical practitioners who had been witness to my sustained injures at the time of my accident.   

My passion for working with the voice and all it delivered in my own healing inspired me to then research from 2000 onwards and evaluate and practise with the therapeutic benefits of sound for healing, combined with the alchemy of aromatic plants and  develop Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy( registered in 2005).  Now available as a therapeutic treatment for clients.


Light Melodics  ® ( registered  in 2005)

Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy

This therapeutic treatment combines healing properties of aromatic oils and the sound healer, Faith working intuitively using her melodic voice. The client is fully clothed, either sitting/ standing or lying down comfortably on a couch during therapy.

After a thorough consultation, the treatment begins with a developed synergy of essential oils that work on many levels: mentally and emotionally through inhalation, physically via the body’s absorption, and spiritually through the deep level of relaxation. Followed by a technique of realiging the body's energy centres (chakras) and then Faith using her voice, to correct the energy imbalances and help restore cellular holistic resonance .Treatment lasts approximately one hour, with time for client rest and grounding. This therapy is beneficial in balancing the energy centres (chakras), and for other conditions.

A bottle of the aromatic formula is included as part of the treatment for the client to then have for on going support.

 Light Melodics De- Stress Formula is also available by order for ongoing use when necessary.

 The aromatic oils  also benefits, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, coughs


List of Medical Conditions treated with Light Melodics ®

Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy

Conditions & Clients-Reactions to Therapy

1.  Upper and lower back pain and tension -  On having therapy after a week, feeling much better in Spirit and body.  C. Evans, Swansea. W. Glam.

2. Weakness in back lumbar region - Relaxed & and felt taller when standing up, after treatment. S.Stickley . Shropshire.

3. Anxiety symptoms   - After treatment, left feeling relaxed and calm. N. Ackland. Swansea. W. Glam.

4. Tightness in back, lower lumbar area  - Therapy eased condition . S. Mathews, Neath. W. Glam.

5.Parkinsons Decease - poor coordination  - After one session no difference in co-ordination but felt better in oneself, felt sleepy, a change from not being able to sleep - side effects of medication, Levodopa .  Dr. J. Novak. Swansea. W. Glam.

6. Headaches - Relieved pressure in head, this lifted with inhalation of oils and therapy. G. Lloyd. Swansea. W. Glam. 

7. Depressed, not sleeping, bereavement & back problem lumber region - Felt more focused & lighter afterwards of having treatment. S. Stickley. Shropshire.

8. Sinusitis  on going problem with head pain and feeling disorientated - After treatment  and before leaving, began coughing  and said her sinuses were beginning to unblock. Day after therapy, pains in head have gone and much better. G Lloyd. Swansea. W. Glam

9.Long term suffer of candida - Therapy relieved symptoms and gained more energy. G.Lloyd. Swansea. W. Glam.

10.Asthma & Bronchial symptom  and stressed –The therapy was very unusual very positive & definitely calming. P. Noele. Swansea. W. Glam.

11. Cold symptoms, tight chest  and tense shoulders, also stressed – In general feel more relaxed after having therapy Andrea, Swansea. W. Glam.

12. Tired, over taxed and stressed out - Feeling in general, more focused and going with the flow, and more relaxed after receiving treatment. L. Heale.  Swansea. W. Glam.


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I further continued to explore and evaluate with other case studies ( incorporating the use of my voice and musical instruments) compositions delivering results that warranted the acknowledgement of a new therapeutic technique ,a form of soul regression -soul retrieval. Which I named, Aura Sonic Signature of Vibrational Sound Resonance. A therapy now available to clients.Read more about my form of spiritual mediumship in assisting others by visiting my website



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