Medical Conditions treated with Light Melodics

List of Medical Conditions treated with Light Melodics ®


Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy



Conditions & Reactions to Therapy


1.  Upper & lower back pain & tension  - On having therapy after a week, feeling much better in Spirit & body.


2. Weakness in back lumbar region - relaxed &fell taller when standing up, after treatment.


3. Anxiety symptoms  - After treatment, left feeling relaxed & calm.


4. Tightness in back, lower lumbar area  - Therapy eased condition .


5.Parkinsons Decease - poor coordination -After one session no difference in co-ordination but felt better in oneself, felt sleepy, a change from not being able to sleep - side effects of medication, Levodopa .


6. Headache - Relieved pressure in head, this lifted with inhalation of oils & therapy.


7. Depressed, not sleeping, bereavement & back problem L.R - Felt more focused & lighter afterwards of having treatment.


8.Sinnusitis on going problem with head pain & feeling disorientated - After treatment & before leaving, began coughing  & said her sinuses were beginning to unblock. Day after, pains in head gone & much better.


9.Long term suffer of candida - Therapy relieved symptoms & gain more energy.


10.Asthma & Bronchial symptom & stressed –The therapy was very unusual very positive & definitely Calming.


11. Cold symptoms, tight chest & tense shoulders, also stressed – In general feel more relaxed after having therapy.


12. Tired, over taxed & stressed out  -Feeling in general, more focused & going with the flow, more relaxed after receiving treatment.

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