Sound Odyssey Cosmic Alignment

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This sound recording was inspired and composed on the day of spring equinox and coinciding Lunar Eclipse of 2015. Where cosmic solar and lunar energies converged in unison. 

The sound recording was recorded at and within the theatre of Craig Y Nos Castle Upper Swansea Valley nestling in the valley of the Sleeping Giant.

The third trilogy of the Peace Mantra CDs 
The theme of this CD, explores the innate power and intimacy of the sounds created and felt from within the singing bowls sound chambers,with Bells, sea conch, other various musical instruments and vocal inspirational chants expressed within the atmospheric acoustics theatre’s chamber of peace. Allowing the listener to go within one’s own inner temple and chamber, for healing, peace and contemplation to assist the balance of Yin and Yang energies within. 





CD Endorsements

"I liked the silence in between the sections and as I relaxed more into the experience, I went off on a journey and cannot really remember the sequence. I think the silences were very powerful. I wanted to stay in the silence, and I felt relaxed afterwards."
Andrea, Swansea.

"A deep sound meditation which felt at times as if you were beating with the sound of your heart. The silence worked beautifully as if the sounds resonated with each cell in your body, transforming the energy into light and vibration throughout the body"
Trish Nesbett, Carmarthen. 

"When listening to the CD, the bells allow me to my breathe and the almost American Indian chanting brought me back to my true self. Like a lullabye to the child. Ther final bell chimes are very beautiful and I felt very peaceful at that point. I loved the silence between the sections."
D.Williams, Swansea. 

"Each section of the CD took me one a journey of differing cultures. I liked the stillness which allowed for a deep meditation, with some sections feeling like a Buddhist temple."
Tony, Swansea.


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