The Peace Mantra Odyssey

A musical journey through the spheres of Light Sound & Silence for Inner Peace


The Peace Mantra Odyssey

This therapeutic and meditative sound recording is part of a tried and tested technique enjoyed by many people in the Swansea area and surrounding regions. It rejuvenates, regenerates and reverberates to help restore and re-establish cellular holistic resonance for well being. 
The new CD was recorded in the grounds of Craig-y-nos Castle in the heart of the Swansea Valley and at Bridgerowstudios. The tracks takes the individual through a healing, musical journey through the spheres of Light, Sound and Silence with traditional musical instruments of healing, such as gongs, sounding bowls and various others, including the alchemy of Faith's voice.

A member of one of the local groups at one of their regular Sound/Gong Bath sessions says, Mrs D Thomas from Carmarthenshire, "A wonderful journey of motivational sound, totally relaxing and peaceful. The healing was intense" I look forward to receiving my copy of the new CD. 
This second CD has been launched hot on the heels of Faith's first highly successful CD. All compositions have been composed, performed and arranged by Faith herself on both CD's.

Photos of Faith on location at Craig y nos ,the location of her therapeutic CD sound recording

The Peace Mantra Odyssey Location Photos

CD Endorsements

"A wonderful journey of motivational sound, totally relaxing and peaceful. The healing was intens. I look forward to receiving my copy of the new CD."
Mrs D Thomas. Carmarthenshire 

"The smooth transition into the harmonious sounds took you immediately into a very deep trance. Completely and utterly shifted any negativity that might have been attached and all the minor aches and pains experienced at the beginning of the session seem to have vanished into the ether! Thank you so much"
JL. Swansea 

"Very powerful CD which made every cell in my body started to resonate and feel better at the end I felt refreshed and in balance and in harmony. Thank you "
T. Nisbett 

"Feeling, calm, composed and increased clarity. Good night sleep and positive attitiude. Enjoyed the experience on the whole."
F. Wheatley


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You can buy The Peace Mantra Odyssey at Faith's workshops and local regional events or here by Mail Order.

The price of the CD is £14.99 plus P&P Duration approx. 70mins
Increase in postal charges due to increases in Royal Mail here in the Uk.

£2 p&p within the UK = £16.99 in Total

£3-50 p&p within Europe = £18-49 in Total

£5 p&p Rest of World = £19.99 in Total

A contribution of £2 from every sale to be made to the Peace Mala Project Registered Charity Number 1118053 for a worthy and much needed ongoing project that works with Children and the wider community.

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