Healing Ambient Chants & Sounds for Inner Peace

Now available for the first time, an inspirational recording.

Now available for the first time an inspirational recording called Healing Ambient Chants & Sounds for Inner Peace

Faith’s 1st Chant CD including Essence of chants from the heart, begins with the introduction of the spoken words of a Peace Mantra, followed by a continuous recording of six inspirational chants that are vocal expressions of the Mantra, continuing with a sound immersion of various tone instruments of healing including, sounding bowls, singing bowls, crystal bowls leading into a full body tone with gongs.

Faith says, I recorded this CD to give people that may not have had the opportunity to experience the powerful effects of chanting, the chance to engage with this vocal alchemy. The recording includes, periods of silence in between to integrate the many varying resonant sounds, allowing you time to explore and feel their ability of being vehicles and tools for healing of mind, body and spirit to assist well being, relaxation and meditation. A journey of self discovery for inner peace and quiet contemplation.

A New Inspirational CD to enhance, Relaxation, Meditation and Well being 

CD Endorsements

"This CD was a pleasure to experience.The style of the Chants and this combined with amazing vocal quality and control, along with the various instruments put a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I enjoyed the ethereal ambience and heartfelt recitation of the Peace Mantra. I have been enveloped in a richness of sound and some words came to me which could sum up this experience - Reverence.Resonance.Richness. Reverberation. Relaxation".
C. Francis. Wales

"I have listened to the CD and think it's fabulous! I find it very calming and tranquil, I actually sat and really listened to it yesturday and I felt so centred afterwards. I am going to use it with a couple of my groups."
D. Penkitty. Wales 

"Since buying your CD, I have used it regularly twice a week. The effect is grounding, centring and restoring. It focuses scattered energy, gathering and re-ordering. Thank you for such a wonderful aid to self-healing."
H.Neal. Swansea 

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