Sound Healing Therapies

Sound Healing

Welcome to the website of Faith Challinor-Wheatley, established Sound Healer and Therapist. Within these pages you will find information on a variety of sound healing therapies and techniques, as well as on Faith’s own work, which incorporates the use of a number of sound instruments, and her voice in diverse forms, as a healing tool.

Some techniques have been practised for thousands of years and handed down by medicine people of many cultures across the globe. Other therapies have been developed in more recent years through rigorous research and evaluations, have been proven and are practised, and are now acknowledged, registered and accredited by colleges and associations in the UK and worldwide. The newest therapies are a blending of the ancient with the new, embracing 21st. century technology and rekindling established techniques. These are being recognised as the therapies of the future and as a new frontier of sound healing.

Please explore and enjoy this website. If you have any questions, please contact Faith.


Launch of a newly recorded theraputic CD entitled "Sound Odyssey Cosmic Alignment" Echoes of Sacred Sound Chambers of Peace


"One in All
All in One
if only this is realised
no more worry
About you not being perfect"

Buddha Reflections by
William Wray


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