On this day each year, people throughout the planet, join together with their intentionalized sound to project a Sonic Valentine of Love and Appreciation to

                                                        " Gaia our Earth Mother "

Join Faith and Ayanna once again this year, as we share with you the opportunity to experience the healing effects of the Peace Gong and Gongs, Flute, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Sea conch and other sound healing instruments and sound journey to enjoy where ever it takes you.

" Experience the full immersion of the healing sounds , a full body tonic and tone ceremony of regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation ."

                       * Heal our Planet *Heal our Waters *  Raise our Consciousness

                                         Held for the third year running at

                                          THE SOUND MEDICINE LODGE 

                              Times - 2 pm - 4 pm session & 7 pm - 9 pm  session

   Cost £12 pp per session -Booking is Essential to secure a place as numbers are limited

 To BOOK - Tel: Faith on 01792 290458

Email -