Voice Analysis

Voice Analysis

The study of the speaking voice -mankind’s Sonic Tool

The language of voice through the study of the Five Elements:


Their qualities:

Earth-solid, Water-liquid,  Fire-heat, light, warmth, Air-light, invisible, free, flexible, Space-Ether-emptiness.

The five elements allow you to better understand the inner dimensions

Residing deep within every being.

Discover the natural bridges that exist between music and the human being between interior and exterior.

Our voice, the tone in which we speak, not only conveys our intentions but also subtly reveals our inner and outer sounds and the meaning of a number of elements. This affects the vibrations within our human core and auras and of atmospheric qualities around us. Therefore, to improve and alter the quality of energy around us, our homes, our place of work, our social environments, the sounds we emit have a profound effect on all levels of the energy fields. To improve and maintain a steady flow or good quality energy for good health, is to harness and understand these vibrational sound components, and master a measure of equilibrium and of our breath, the vehicle of our sounds.

As each part of the body has its’ own unique frequency of sound resonance, these keynote frequencies compare with the same notes and scales in music in relation to the human energy centres known as Chakras- Root- Sacral- Solar plexus- Heart- Throat- Brow- Crown.

The voice, being the composition sound of the human being,

is  representative of all the frequencies in the body.

This treatment involves the use of a sound machine to read the sounds / notes and missing sounds/notes in the energy field of a client. Evaluating the voice analysis reading will detect what tones and sounds are needed to replace the missing notes within the energy centres.   With this analysis, it is possible plan a series of therapy and /or give instructions for the client to work with to help replace the missing sounds/notes.

After a month, the progress of working  with these sounds are assessed  and recorded ,and further progress will be established with the assistance and commitment of the client.

A session lasts approximately one and a half hours for the consultation, therapy, with time for rest and for grounding. The number of sessions required will vary with the clients needs.

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