Therapeutic Sound Healing Group Sound/Gong Meditation sessions

Therapeutic Sound Healing 
Group Sound/Gong Meditation sessions

Sound Voice, Sound Hearing, Sound Feeling, Sound Being

A Chamber of Sound for Inner Peace & Well being

Sounding the heartbeat of Community


Experience the full immersion of the sound/gong bath healing meditation session.A full body tonic and tone ceremony of regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation.

“Immerse yourself in the ambience of sacred sounds for well being, relaxation and meditation, with the alchemy of voice, sounding bowls, singing bowls, drums, sea conch, gongs and various tone instruments of healing.”

These sessions within a collective gathering, offer individuals the opportunity to experience therapeutic authentic and unique sound vibrational techniques which help rejuvenate, regenerate and reverberate to restore and re-establish cellular holistic resonance for Well being. Followed with a period of silence and quiet contemplation, to still the mind and help connect you with your heart's centre and true self.


These events are offered and structured to help you integrate the light energies
and frequencies that are coming down to earth in the shift now taking place since 2012 and continuing in  2017 and beyond. Which these collective Group Sound /Gong Healing meditation sessions can offer

"A sound journey of self discovery and personal enlightenment of Mind ,Body and Spirit"

 Monthly sessions to begin pending confirmation

Waun Hwyad Farm, Amman Road, Glanamman SA18 2AJ,  Monthly  sessions restarting in  2018

Schedule of new dates to be confirmed  for 2018

 Arrival  at 3pm for 3 - 30pm start and finishes at 5pm, Each session cost £12 including refreshments please bring a blanket and cushion

 Booking is essential to secure a  place, please contact Trish Nesbitt on

Trish  Nesbitt Tel: 01269 826504 

Held by - 
Faith Challinor-Wheately Tel: 01792 290458
Check and

Other locations of regualr sessions Peace Mala and Amman Valley Complementary Clinic

To book a place please contact them through their websites and TEL -No