The Ancient Science of Sound Healing

Sound is what our ancestors called the” beginning”. It is the Omm of the East and the Word of the West. It is the background vibration of galaxies forming the symphony of creation.

Humans are made up of 70 % percent  water, and with this element being an excellent conductor of sound, and our breath the foundation of voice, it is not surprising for us to comprehend the innate knowledge and depth of understanding projected and demonstrated by the ancient practice of sacred sound for healing of mind, body and spirit. This practice has been recorded and handed down through the millennia by the ancient cultures of the Tibetan, Mongolian, Mayan peoples and North American Indians, shamans and medicine people all over the world. These people were able to harness the power of sacred sound ,  and practised it through many diverse forms of vocal chants, mantras, tones and overtones, often including various traditional musical instruments for healing.relaxing mountains

The whole universe is filled with sound, and made up of light and cosmic energy: therefore, everything that exists vibrates, radiates, and is active. Sound travels in waves through the air and is measured in frequencies and intensities. Frequency refers to pitch, the high or low quality of sound, and is measured in hertz ( the  number of cycles per second at which the waves vibrate).

Today’s scientific research has now established the connection between sound vibrations and their therapeutic benefits. Sound can change molecular structure, bringing about the synchronising of perpetual harmonising of subtle energies, matter and fluids coherently resonating with each other. Musical notes of various measures of volume and magnitude of pitch resonate with our audio senses within the auditory cortex of the brain.

The brain neurotransmitters receive and then transmit their signal, effectively creating a wave effect of vibrations that align communication and bring about a shift in the whole energy system of the body. This results  in a chain reaction of responses, both of body and mind, ranging from calming, soothing and relaxing to more robust reactions of uplifting and energising stimuli. Founder of the Mozart Effect ®, Don Campbell writes in one of his books on the subject: ‘… the human voice is a remarkable instrument of healing, our most accessible Sonic Tool.

The slightest utterance massages muscle tissues in the upper body and causes it to vibrate from within. Every movement of the body, in turn, affects the way we inhale and exhale and so has impact on our voice. ’He continues, ‘Sound has many mystical properties. It can for example. It can for example, create physical forms and shapes the influence in our day-to-day health, consciousness and behaviour.’ (Reproduced by permission of Hodder and Stoughton Limited, publishers of Don Campbell’s book. Don Campbell lives in Colorado, USA, and is a  world  renowned   pioneer of music and sound for healing and founder of the Institute of Music, Health and Education in 1988. )

Another expert in this field, Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds, and founder of the Sound Healers Association, writes in his book, ‘As every organ, bone and tissue in our body has its own separate resonant frequency, together they make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is your own personal vibratory rate…Through sound it is possible to change the rhythm of our brain waves as well as our heartbeat and respiration.’ He states that, ‘… vocal harmonics calm the body and clear the mind more efficiently than any other form of sound… the combination of both  the scientific and spiritual approaches to sound is mandatory for true discovery and exploration of the ability of sound to heal and transform and it is important that information about sound is coupled with personal experiences with sound.’(References by permission of Jonathan Goldman, internationally recognised master teacher, author, and Kitaro, Grammy Award winning composer, whose work and books present the scientific and spiritual viewpoints. Jonathan leads Healing Sound ® seminars through the USA and Europe.)

One technique which  has been found to have therapeutic benefits involves using the voice in a diverse form in order to sense the auric  field of another person and then intuitively project sound into that person. Working with this technique brings about extraordinary results as emotional, mental, and even physical, imbalances, are released through the use of sonic sound. Some even experience the opening of a gateway to another reality and a discovery of their true potential and being. Awareness of the use of sacred sound is truly expanding.

Much credit must be bestowed upon the vocal masters, and on the usages of old, and new, for their openness, sharing and reaching out to encourage the continuity of ancient sacred practice and the honouring of our Divine Creator.

This article was inspired by true events in my life. A life-threatening accident 11years ago was the catalyst for a major shift in direction for me both personally and professionally, awakening within me a profound reconnection to the child voice and the healing sonic sound within  me. This played a major part in bringing about the healing, balancing and re-energising of my very core. I had been a singing child, undertaking vocal training as a teenager in the 1960’s with the Catwg Choir and this too, has been instrumental in my development of Light Melodics ( Light vibrational melodic sound healing therapy ) ® in 2005 and subsequently resulting in me now providing inspirational sound healing voice workshops for self healing.

The potential of sound is truly remarkable and |I  feel very blessed and humble to have been given the opportunity to work with and to encourage others to connect with their inner selves, and so much more, through the medium of sacred sound.

If you are inspired, and welcome encouragement, then please contact me.

( Article Copyright © Published in the 'Energies in Action Wales' magazine - 2007 of Faith Challinor-Wheatley)