Stress Therapy.

Stress Therapy.

This treatment includes the use of a Himalayan singing bowl that produces an enchanting peaceful sound therapy. The pure sonic waves that ring from the bowl heighten the ability of the client to listen and hear the various sounds ( a rich series of tones). The bowl enhances a meditative state, allowing the body and mind to lock into the bowl’s vibrations, enabling the release of energy blockages to help restore inner balance and well- being.

After consultation, this treatment involves the client either sitting in a comfortable position or laying on a therapy couch while the sound healer plays the singing bowl with the intent to help restore inner resonance. Other instruments may also be included in the treatment in relation to the client’s condition.

Clients report experiencing the sounds as relaxing and calming, and of feeling centred. Some have reported experiencing  pain relief, and a release of blockages in the ear canal.Others comment of coming out of a deeper level of relaxation akin to  meditation.

Treatment lasts approximately one hour, with time for client rest and for grounding The number of treatments required depend on the needs of the client.

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