Sounding Bowl Therapy

Sounding Bowl Therapy

Vibrational Sound Resonance

This therapy incorporates the use of both Sounding Bowl and voice soundwork.

Sounding bowls are unique in the history of world instruments, partly because their strings run within the resonant space, whereas other instruments have them running above it . A number of types of sounding bowls are in use in therapeutic settings, and used by health professionals and music therapists. The aesthetic qualities, as well as the pure beauty of the sound when played, have lead to deeper levels of emotional engagement, enhancing therapeutic well-being.

Over the past few years, Faith’s work with this unique instrument has brought  her insight  into how the pure, gentle, subtle tones of the sounding  bowl seem to touch the deepest places in the heart and soul. These beautiful sounds seem to form a link between the inner life of the individual and the source of all being. On first seeing the instrument, clients are struck with wonder and anticipation. This receptiveness is instrumental in facilitating the opportunity for healing on many levels, both emotionally and physically.

"I felt a gentleness surround me on a soul level".

"The compositions have brought a feeling of being cocooned and energised by the deep sense of unconditional love that surrounded me".

After consultation, and when the client is either seated or laying comfortably on a therapy couch, the treatment begins with a period of silence to allow a peaceful atmosphere in which the client can then engage with the sound vibrations that follow. These are emitted by both sounding bowl and intuitive healing sounds offered by the sound healer. The effects induce a feeling of being immersed in what can be described as a spiral of heightened consciousness, and an opening up to new levels of inner awareness.

This therapy has been shown to prove beneficial in helping bring clearer thinking and improved cognitive function, helping to give insight and understanding to clients in their day- to- day life and circumstances, whilst also helping tune and energise the subtle energy centres ( chakras ) and helping both emotional and physical conditions.

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Treatment lasts approximately one hour, with time for client rest and for grounding.

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