Sound resonance for well being

Therapeutic sessions with the creative alchemy of voice, Sounding bowls (a new instrument of healing), Himalayan sing bowls, Drums, Gongs, Conch and various tone instruments.

Aura-Sonic-Signature… psychic aura readings – tune into your inner guidance, angel guidance and spiritual guidance through sound vibrations of voice and unique sounding bowl.

Workshops to explore and discover your soul’s signature note. Learn healing techniques and experience the wonders of a sound bath.

I am available for Talks, Demonstrations and Workshops in your area by arrangement.

My work with sound healing is infused with a wealth of experience and understanding. Based on the evidence of sound medicine being the key factor in my own healing recovery and journey.

My professional background also has some experience with special needs.

Therapeutic sessions of sound healing and psychic aura readings of Aura-Sonic-Signature, see for more information, are held at The Sound Medicine Lodge at a beautiful location on the edge of the Gower Peninsula. Treatmants are available on various days of the week of each Month.  For Appointments Tel: 01792 290458