Light Melodics (R) ( Registered in 2005)

Light Melodics  ® ( registered  in 2005)

Light Vibrational Melodic Sound Healing Therapy

This therapeutic treatment combines healing properties of aromatic oils and the sound healer working intuitively using her voice.  The client is fully clothed, either sitting/ or lying down comfortably  on a couch during therapy.

After consultation, the treatment begins with a developed synergy of essential oils that work on many levels: mentally and emotionally through inhalation, physically via the body’s absorption, and spiritually through the deep level of relaxation, followed by the sound healer using her voice, to correct the energy imbalances and help restore resonance .Treatment lasts approximately one hour, with time for client rest and grounding. This therapy is beneficial in balancing the energy centres (chakras), and for other conditions.

A bottle of the aromatic formula is included as part of the treatment for the client to go home with for continued use. Light Melodics De- Stress Formula is also available by order for ongoing use when necessary.

The aromatic oils can also benefits, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, coughs

And colds.

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