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Chanting is the vocal expression of sound at a certain pitch or pitches, and techniques such as overtone chanting, coupled with meditation, have therapeutic powers by establishing and maintaining the tuneful harmony between human and heavenly existence. Characteristic of many of the traditional chant is a deeply felt spirituality, and the belief in the power of sacred sound to create changes in everyday life.

The chants in Faith’s healing session are a form of healing energies that  are intuitively felt and offered to the client. As a spiritual, medium, and sound healer, Faith works on the principle of receptiveness  and keys  into the need of the client, composing a chant that aligns with their  own unique vibrational frequency of resonance. The mind/ body respond to the overtones sounded, by locking in or entraining, and begins to vibrate and align at the same frequency, helping to restore natural balance and resonance.

The therapy has a powerful calming effect, and takes one on a sound journey. Some experience the opening of a gateway to another reality of inner awareness.

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Treatment lasts approximately one hour, with time for client rest and for grounding

To book an  appointment Contact Faith on tel: 01792 290458.

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